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PlaybackPro Plus X is Here!

We are pleased to announce PlaybackPro Plus is here, click HERE to learn more.

Key Benefits:

  1. MacOS Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey compatibility
  2. More efficient 64bit code base
  3. Modernized User Interface
  4. Faster clip and playlist load times
  5. Support for h.265/HEVC codec
  6. Better support for .mp4 container files
  7. Dark mode support

New DT18 Multi-System Ethernet Controller Now Available

Announcing the all new DT18 controller from DT Videolabs. The DT18 is the first multi-system, Ethernet connected, controller for PlaybackPro Plus X. The switcher grade backlit buttons give you easy access to all vital playback functions and put you in instant control of up to 4 systems, individually or simultaneously.

Click HERE to learn more about the all new DT18 Multi-system controller.

New Remote License Resets for PlaybackPro Plus IA
We are pleased to introduce Remote License Resets for activations using the latest versions of PlaybackPro Plus IA v3/v4.


Steps and Video


Apple M1 and DT Videolabs

Apple's launch of four new M1 Apple Silicone based Macs is exciting and the new hardware architecture is powerful. The current PlaybackPro Plus X public beta 3 is a "Universal" version and runs well on Intel and Apple Silicone CPUs.

Your Privacy and GDPR Compliance
We have updated our Privacy Policy to stay on pace with new data protection rules based on the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The new policy explains your rights and our use of the the data you share with us.

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Translatable User Guides Now Available
User Guides are now translatable to any language. To view a translated version visit our User Guides web page, click on an “Online Version” of the User Guide you want and select your language of choice from drop-down menu. The translation is performed by Google Translate and we apologize in advance for any errors.


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USB Travel Tin
Announcing a perfect companion for your USB Enabler key, the DT Videolabs Travel Tin! Inspired by the proven, road worthy and yet compact size of the famous Altoids® container, we created a protective tin to house a USB key and a lanyard or multiple USB keys. Finding your USB key in a road case or a your travel bag will be easier than ever.

As part of a broader company effort to reduce the amount of paper we send out and reduce your shipping costs, the new tins will mark the end of shipping printed manuals. Smaller shipping boxes equal lower shipping costs for you. The travel tins are now included with every USB Enabler key purchase or you can buy them separately in our web store for your existing USB keys.

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Chat Support in any Language
Multilingual Chat now available on our website! Customer support has always been a priority and new live translation technology allows us to chat with you in the language of your choice. Current available chat times are 8am-6pm Monday-Friday US Central time but, as always, we monitor email and voicemail messages closely at all times.

Small Changes to Controllers
Our proven PlaybackPro and PlaybackPro Plus USB controllers now have a lower profile and the 10 button controller has grown to 12 buttons with the addition of a Pause and a Save button.

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PreFlight Checklists are now Available
Pilots check their aircraft before each flight to ensure a smooth journey. We think that's smart so we created a PreFlight system checklist for you to use before a show. You can find them on the link below and there is also a PDF version you can print to send to the show site. Bon voyage!

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