Order History and License Information

Our new license management page allows you to view all your previous purchases, get the activation status for your licenses and export data.

Verification Required

To protect your investment, we require you to have or create an account on this site and to verify your email address before you can view purchases you have made. All other functions of our site are available without having an account or verifying an existing account.

If you have logged into your account and have verified your email address, you will see an option to “View Order History” under the account menu.

Email Based Account Access

After you have verified your account, you will be able to see all past and future purchases made under your email address.

Domain Based Account Access

We offer an additional Domain Based account view. Instead of only seeing orders placed under “yourname@yourdomain.com”, you will be able to see any orders placed by anybody with the “@yourdomain.com” email address. This level provides access to all of your company’s history and is therefore permission based. Click Here for more information.

What if you don’t see everything

The Order History page includes orders placed under our new eCommerce system which has been in place since June of 2016 and also historic purchases made under our old eCommerce system between 2010 and 2016. It is possible that some information didn’t survive the migration or that you, or a company team member, made purchases under a different email address. Either way, we can help you get your old orders mapped to your new account.

Please gather information from any purchases you do not see and then email technical@dtvideolabs.com. We need as much information as you can find. Old order numbers, old email addresses, CSV export from the Customer History page, anything that will put us on the trail of the unmatched orders.