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Purchase History and License Management

Our new license management page allows you to view all your previous purchases, get the activation status for your IA licenses, Remotely Reset IA licenses, and export your license and activation data.  The graphic below shows the different levels of access available to you and the benefits of each level.

No Account / Guest

All features of except license management are available if you haven’t created an account or aren’t logged in. You can download our apps, install trial versions, place orders and more. If you order as a guest, you will not be able to see previous orders you placed or perform license management until you create and verify an account.

General Account

If you have created an account, you are able to view any orders you have placed since you created your account, however, the license management features and viewing of previous orders will not be available until you verify your account.

Verified Account

After a simple email verification, you will be able to view all past orders and perform license management for any orders you have placed under the email you used to create your account, even if the orders were placed under a guest account or on our previous Kagi eCommerce system. After you have verified your account, you will see an option for “Purchase History and License Management” under the Account menu.

Domain Access Account

Domain Access allows you to view and manage all licenses purchased under your company’s email domain name. This level of access requires the execution of a Domain License Agreement. Domain-level access requires careful consideration and requires approval from an owner, officer, or IT Manager of your company. Up to two users with domain-level access are able to view information for all licenses owned by your company.

To gain domain-level access, please download the Domain Access Agreement, fill it out, have all parties sign it, and return it to

What if you don’t see everything

The Order History page includes orders placed under our new eCommerce system which has been in place since June of 2016 and also historic purchases made under our old eCommerce system between 2010 and 2016. It is possible that some information didn’t survive the migration or that you, or a company team member, made purchases under a different email address. Either way, we can help you get your old orders mapped to your new account.

Please gather information from any purchases you do not see and then email We need as much information as you can find. Old order numbers, old email addresses, CSV export from the Customer History page, anything that will put us on the trail of the unmatched orders.