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About this privacy policy

This privacy notice applies to any DT Videolabs application and website regardless of how you access them. We may update this notice at any time by posting the updated version to our website along with the effective date.

Who we are

DT Videolabs is a 14 year old company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. We create professional macOS applications for digital media playback.

General data practices

DT Videolabs values you as a client and is committed to your privacy. We respect and comply with the European Union’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). We do, in the course of doing business with you, request and digitally store information necessary to conduct business, comply with tax laws, ship products and provide specific support for you. Unless you specifically give us your personal information, our practices involve minimal web site visitor data collection such as IP addresses for geolocating, and never involve building individual data profiles or selling your data to 3rd parties.

During the normal course of selling products on our web site and shipping orders to you, we interface with various processors and shipping companies and this requires sharing the information you provide at the time of purchase. Information on these 3rd parties is provided below.

Information we collect on DT

You may visit our web site ( for product information or to download user guides, applications and technical documents without creating an account or providing any personal information .

How we use web browser data

We do not utilize any information about you from internet browsers other than an your IP address for geolocation. Your location information is used during a purchase to provide applicable location specific messages and currency options and in our Chat Widget for the purposes of providing translation services. More information on both of these requirements is described below.. We do not store your browsing history or activity for any purpose and do not harvest any personal information or behaviours for the purposes of creating a profile on you.

Downloading applications

When you download any software application from our Downloads Page, you have the option to provide your name, email, company and phone number in a simple form. Providing this information is optional. If you provide your personal information on the download form it is used solely for the purpose of customer support, follow up and notification of new versions of our applications.

Contact page

We offer a Contact Us Form for you to send messages to us. We ask for your name, your email, your phone, a subject and a message. The Contact data is used to generate an email to us and is retained in our database for support purposes. If you do not want to provide your contact information, you may use the Chat Widget as described below or call us at the number on the bottom of each web page.

Chat Widget

Our web site contains a Chat widget which is used to create live, text based conversations with visitors to assist with sales or technical support questions.

The chat widget uses cookies and provides us with anonymous analytical data for the purpose of understanding visitor traffic and analytics about chat sessions. For example, the number of visitors per day and the average time spent in a chat with a visitor. This information is never used for advertising purposes and is not retained by us after you close your browser. You may choose to remain anonymous while using chat sessions or provide a name and email address for user specific chat interaction. If an email address is provided, a transcript of the completed chat session will be sent to you when the chat session is complete.

You may choose to disable the chat widget by turning off cookies in your internet browser.

Chat service provider Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Cookie Policy

Your account on

We offer the option to create an account which includes your personal information. Accounts are used for the purpose of simplified repeat ordering, accessing past order data, serial number administration and account management. When you create an account we require a user name, password, first and last name and email. Optionally, you may enter your billing and shipping address, a phone number and EU customers can enter a VAT number. Accounts do not contain credit card or payment options in any form. Your password is encrypted and is unreadable by us.

How we use your account data

Logging into your account provides access to an account dashboard where you can view past orders, manage your shipping and billing addresses and edit your account details. Your individual account information will be retained until you request it be removed as described below. If you are logged in and and create a new order in our web store, your account information will be used to auto-populate the name and address fields for faster and more accurate orders.

Information we collect when you purchase on

All products may be purchased in our Web Store without creating an account, however, our checkout process requires at least a first and last name, email address, phone number, country, street address, city, postcode and payment information.

How we use Credit card payment data

Our web store payment system is PCI DSS compliant. We never see or have the ability to store your payment data. Any credit card data entered at the time of sale is encrypted and sent directly to our payment gateway for authorization. Upon completion, we retain the Transaction ID provided by our payment processor which does not include any of your personal information.

How we use web store purchase data

With the exception of credit card data, all purchase information, including VAT numbers will be retained in our database and daily data backups so that we may conduct business with you, ship any applicable products, produce a product packing list to accompany the shipment, comply with tax laws and provide support to you.

How we use web store shipping data

To ship your order, your name and shipping address data is entered into to create shipping labels. Commercial invoices are also generated for international customs clearance.

When your transaction is complete, you will receive informational emails from us related to your purchase including tracking numbers. You may receive additional correspondence directly from the shipper.

How we use web store data after the sale

You may occasionally receive informational emails from us but you have the right to opt out by clicking on the link provided in the email. By clicking on the link you will be permanently removed from our email list.

Information we collect when you use our applications

USB (dongle) licenses

USB licenses are completely anonymous and no information about you or your system is collected or sent to us.

IA (Internet Activated)

IA licenses require communication with an Activation Server over the internet. For DT Videolabs software to function, an IA license must be activated on a system. The activation process asks for a serial number and personal information, however, only the serial number required. The activation process also collects system information which is required for your license to function. The system information includes computer name, user account name, OS version, screen resolution, local IP address, CPU Type, system version, mac address and Apple serial number This information can be deleted by us on request, however, removing this information may impact our ability to help you resolve any licensing problems which may occur, including, for your security, our ability to confirm your identity if a license reset is required because a computer is lost, stolen or becomes inoperative.

How IA license data is used

All data is strictly used for digital license registration and support purposes. License information may be accessed on the Activation Server by our technicians with proper credentials when providing customer or license support. This information is stored on a secure Activation Server until a license is released.

When you release a license through one of our software applications or on our website, all personal information and additional system information is immediately deleted from the Activation Server but may reside in database backups for several months.

Your data and your rights

Data retention and backup and security

We use best in class security to monitor and protect our web site and your data. We also use best practices for database management and website backups. If you request that your data be deleted, it will be removed from our live data within 72 hours and from archived backups after a period of 7-10 days.

Correcting information

You have the right to correct any personal information we hold. The easiest way to correct or change your information is within your account settings. Log in to your account and from the dashboard select “Account details” or “Addresses”. We can assist you with making any corrections if necessary.

Requesting your personal data

If you have an account on our site, you may request a record of the personal data we hold about you.

Request Your Personal Data

Deleting your personal data

You also have the right to request that we erase personal data we hold. This does not include any data we are obliged to keep for administrative, legal, or security purposes which includes your purchase history.

Request to Delete Your Personal Data

Links to sites with whom we share your data

During the normal course of business, we will share only the necessary amount of your personal information with 3rd parties solely for the purposes of completing your transaction.


US Customs AES (Automated Export System) for international orders over $2,500,

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