PlaybackPro Plus

Version 3.6.0

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Thank you for your interest in PlaybackPro Plus. Please click the link to begin downloading. If you need help while reviewing the demonstration version we are available at (602) 687-8507 or

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The Demo download of PlaybackPro Plus is fully functional with the exception of a watermark on the full screen output. It is generally used for evaluating and testing the application or for setting up a show offline.

For best results when testing:

  • If using a laptop, plug in an external monitor
  • A modern multi-core Intel-based Macintosh is recommended
  • If using a desktop system, use two monitors (one for the interface, one for the output). If a second output isn’t available, the Program section of PlaybackPro Plus shows what would be displayed on the output
  • Although PlaybackPro Plus scales to most modern hardware — the more disk bandwidth, processing power and graphics processing — the better
  • Running other applications simultaneously may cause the OS to use virtual memory and could potentially impact performance
  • PlaybackPro Plus uses the QuickTime Framework, and is therefore extensible by using third party QuickTime components (i.e. use Flip4Mac component for .WMV playback)

Andrew Wischmeyer
Sales/Customer Support
480-280-5215 Cell
602-687-8507 Main Office