Read moreNew - PlaybackPro Plus X Beta 3 and DT18 Multi-System Controller Now Available

PlaybackPro Plus X IA

Version 4.0 IA

There are benefits to giving us just a little info. Since this is a Beta Version, it is very important for us to be able to alert you when the final version is available. Please make sure to provide accurate information.

For IA license customers - important steps before upgrading to a new version of macOS

1) Connect system to the internet.
2) Launch the application.
3) Go the main application menu (to the left of the File Menu), select “Manage Activations.”
4) Write down the serial number. A DT Videolabs serial number will always be 4 sets of 8 digits with dashes in-between.
5) Click on “Release License”. The system will report when the license has been successfully released.

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