Read moreNew - PlaybackPro Plus X version 4.0.5 is now available.

The UC12 is a proven single system performer. The easy to read color coded buttons provide essential show control functions for both PlaybackPro and PlaybackPro Plus.

UC12 DT18
Works With PlaybackPro
all versions
PlaybackPro Plus
all versions
PlaybackPro Plus
PlaybackPro Plus X
Number Systems 1 1 to 4
Connection USB Ethernet
Commands Keystrokes1 Direct to App1
Number Of Buttons 12 18
Number Of Functions 12 27
Buttons Un-lit Professional Grade Backlit Buttons
Height 1.65" (4.19cm) 2.12" (5.39cm)
Width 3.79" (9.63cm) 6.42" (16.31cm)
Depth 5.80" (14.73cm) 7.07" (17.96cm)
Weight 9.6oz (.27kg) 29oz (.82kg)
Power USB External
110-240V~0.8A, 50-60Hz
12v DC, 2.5A
Firmware Update Not Available From App
Latest Firmware Version Not Available 1.0
Made In Taiwan USA
Price $299 $799

1 - Keystroke commands are received by the application currently selected in the OS (in “focus”).
Direct to App commands are sent directly to a specific application regardless of window selection in the OS.

UC12 DT18
Show Controls
Delay icon
Loop Temp icon icon
Loop - icon
Loop + icon
Link Temp icon
Link - icon
Link + icon
Freeze Temp icon
Move To Top Of Playlist icon
Move To Bottom Of Playlist icon
Activate/Deactivate Ethernet Channels icon
Multiple Or Individual PlaybackPro Plus Control icon
Playback Functions
Play/Pause icon icon
Take icon icon
Next icon icon
Previous icon icon
Clear icon icon
Goto 10 icon icon
Goto 20 icon icon
Goto 30 icon icon
End All icon icon
End - icon
End + icon
Take Fade - icon
Take Fade + icon
Take - icon
Take + icon