Read moreNew - PlaybackPro Plus X version 4.0.5 is now available.


Access PlaybackPro, PlaybackPro Plus, InstaCue, SpeakerTimerPro or RecordPro on a single system with one license.


Professional, nonlinear media playback on your Mac. Create custom playlists, load clips, resize videos and playback content easily and efficiently.

PlaybackPro Plus X

All the power of PlaybackPro + a mixer for crossfades and direct cuts, + still images, + remote control over Ethernet.


Professional audio playback for Macs with instant clip recall, organization and layering. Use anywhere music, voice over announcements and sound effects are needed.


Mac software to keep live events and speakers on schedule by providing a highly readable and customizable digital timer.


12 and 40 key controllers for single system control and 18 key controller for up to 4 systems

I've always been a fan of PlaybackPro reliability and we have had great success with it on Blue Man Group, as well as other corporates.

Bob Bonniol,

MODE Studios the way I would like to say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is the best software for Video playback.

Nur Nasser,

Senior Event Technology Specialist

PSAVĀ® Presentation Services, Hotel Services Division, Washington Hilton

I am the director of the Animal Film Festival now in its 5th year. We have used PlaybackPro for our event since year two, and we absolutely love it. The software is very user friendly so that even our least tech-aware staff person can operate an entire show. And creating shows in the software is incredibly easy and fast.

Shelley Frost,


Animal Film Festival

30 years in the AV business and this is in my top 5 of best tools that ever came along. Thanks to all of you for a great product!

Mark Brown,

Ovations, LLC